FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions – Hi, Comfort K100

First, download the latest version of the Hi, Comfort App available for Apple iOS and Android.
Then, remove the Hi, Comfort K100 from its packaging and, keeping the supplied metal pin required for activation handy, insert the K100 into the appropriate connector under the boiler, and then follow the instructions provided by the App.
The Hi, Comfort K100 smart key provides access to the Internet (The K100 is a gateway that connects to home Wi-Fi). Once paired with the Hi, Comfort App and the boiler, the user can:
  • Set the domestic hot water temperature
  • Set the temperature of the heating system
  • Turn off the heating system
  • Monitor the operating hours of the boiler
No, Hi, Comfort K100 does not have temperature sensors and is not a replacement for the room thermostat. It works in conjunction with the set temperatures set on the room thermostat. However, it is possible to interrupt boiler operation remotely and set time slots for weekly scheduling if the room thermostat does not have this capability
Yes, but only in accordance with the room comfort temperature set on the room thermostat.
No, the K100 smart key is an independent item and not compatible with the BeSMART, RiCLOUD and Hi, Comfort T100 series thermostats. Those with the Hi, Comfort T100 smart thermostat can connect the heater through the Hi, Comfort G100-W Wi-Fi-box.
The App allows you to monitor the operation of the boiler, not directly the cubic meters of gas consumed. Consumption is related to your usage habits and from your type of home. By optimizing the operation of your boiler (such as turning it off when you are away from home), you can reduce gas waste and thus optimise your consumption.
The smart key works only with the models of our latest generation boilers.